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Jay the Rat Soul, online webcomic, page 171
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2014 10 10 02:30:00

The battle continues

Holly crap! I've been gone for so long! Even though, now I kinda feel like I had posted an update last week, but I hadn't.

There was a lot of going on since the last update. I finally received a copy of a zine from "Kitokia grafika"(a local group promoting modernistic comics in Lithuania) with my comic in it:

Yeah, it kinda looks not exactly like the original on my site. The whole zine is printed with a risograph and the print quality is pretty low-res. I had no idea about that when I sent my comic. I got lucky that they had some trouble with their black ink cartridge, so other two pages were printed with a regular laser printer :). It's funny how compared to other stuff on the zine, my comic seems to be way too cramped and overfilled with detail. Why the hell they even decided to print it? I guess they're just too nice :) Anyways, I got my stuff out there and received a zine for free, so that's pretty cool and I'm grateful for that.
The thing is, I had very different expectations and I'm a really terrible person, so I drew this 3 page comic:

I don't know if it makes any sense to you, but I just had to draw it.

Also since the October 1st I took the Inktober drawing challenge. Yeah, that kinda explains why it took so long to finish this page :) Here's the stuff I have drawn so far:
shit wheelcart homeless hedgehog monster in the attic vamp dogrider Russian carpet zombie action what I have done hedgehog and rats
That's all. I hope I'll be able to put an another page out next week, see ya!

2014 10 13 19:01:17
I can't wait to see if they're going to separate, after this battle, or stay as a single creature.
2014 10 14 00:33:47
It will be revealed after 2-3 more pages.
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