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Jay the Rat Soul, online webcomic, page 177
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2014 12 16 00:00:00

It's time to go

Hey there! Once again if you're here at the exact time I had promised to post the update, it very might be, the page you are seeing isn't quite complete. I had very unproductive Sunday, so I need a bit more time to finish coloring, but don't worry. I'll add some finishing touches during the day and re-upload the page.

2014 12 17 08:33:23
This is cool. Back to Earth. Time to see just how many couch potatoes have been transformed into worm-men.
2014 12 17 14:52:41
Haha, indeed :]
Then again, the rangers might persuade Jay to stick for a while, or will they?
2014 12 17 15:18:44
Well, that raises a question:

Now that they're together, Who makes final decisions? Obviously, Lord Rat is the more powerful, so he can always force things his way.

I remember some sort of brief prologue where someone in Jay's world got possessed. I always wondered how that connected to the rest of the story. Nevertheless, Has Jay simply been possessed for the Lord Rat's own survival, since that was one of the reasons he stopped Jay from offing himself?
2014 12 17 18:21:21
Yep, the Lord Rat _could_ take the control of the body and do what *it* wants. But that doesn't mean it will going to.

I don't know what exact part of the comic you have in mind, but at the beginning I was just showing off different "races" of creatures. We have already encountered them all. There was nothing really deep there.

I wouldn't say that Jay is possessed. Technically Jay no longer has his original body. The vessel his mind shares with the Lord Rat only resembles human being. Also the Lord Rat and Jay fused together mainly because Jay have agreed to do that. If Jay would have said no, then probably the Rat would just have kept him safe somewhere and out of trouble.
2014 12 17 19:12:49
I was wrong. It was someone in this world. It's the dude in the very first page.
2014 12 17 20:09:38
Oh, then you're talking about the "birth" of the Sorcerer. The shadowy figure in page 6 ( is the same red dude in page 15 (
2014 12 19 23:44:56
Grammar stuff firts:
Second to last panel: "Just explain everything to them."
Last panel: " and THE guys..."

And huh, I thought the scene where cat, bat, and snake went into the little boy was how the sorceror came to Earth, ie Jay's world. But yeah, later we saw him go through the portal whole. Or maybe the place Jay is in now is Earth? I'm getting a little confused admittedly.

But since cat, bat, and snake combined to make the sorceror, then what would happen if the other two "good" totems joined Rat and Jay?
2014 12 20 17:27:40
Thanks for the grammar corrections! Believe it or not, those mistakes weren't that obvious to me :)

The scene with the green-haired kid was obviously not on Earth, because the sun was green and that kid had pointy ears. That scene basically just tells us how the Sorcerer came to existence.

While this page:
reveals that the Sorcerer has destroyed his own world(the one with the green sun) and _somehow_(Perhaps we will hear about that later) managed to get on the world with the purple vegetation, where he has been imprisoned by the Lord Rat, until the Sorcerer found a way to affect Jay's mind(we don't know that for sure yet) and finally managed to escape to Earth through the portal:

Well if two other animals would join Jay, then they might form an even more powerful entity. So far we have no idea where those "animals" are. Perhaps they already have their own "reflections", beings to fuse with. Who knows :)
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